About Babylon Business Campus

Commercial and Industrial Flex Space For LeaseImagineered by Heffernan

The campus offers 16 single story multi purpose buildings and a 3 story office tower. Designed with flexibility in mind the complex can meet the needs of any business. It is ideally suited for research and development facilities, high tech manufacturing, distribution and corporate offices.

Office and retail for your particular business rental needsHeffernan and Partners

We can provide services in order to create the most functional and efficient space plans for tenants.
The campus can arrange a flexible plan to accommodate your particular operation.

The plan for the Babylon Business Campus covers all aspects of a tenant’s occupancy that would have an affect upon your business well being the type of operation, effluents discharged into the air or sewage system, building design, construction and materials, signs, landscaping and amount of available parking spaces, noise odor etc. Lush green lawns, trees and shrubs are planted around each color coordinated building to preserve the distinguished suburban atmosphere of this scenic Montgomery County location.

For lease quality business property commercial real estatePeople like their work environment to be as pleasant as their home environment.

Increased productivity, better workmanship and an ability to attract key employees are some of the ways in which a business benefits from the improved employee attitude that comes with an attractive, well landscaped facility in a generally pleasant area.